We take the pain of payroll
completely away

With our tailored payroll packages, you’ll find the service to suit your business needs.

Annual EMP501 submissions

IRP5 submissions

COID returns

Registration for PAYE/SDL/UIF

Submissions for PAYE/SDL/UIF

Generating payslips

The fee structure will be calculated as follows:

Option 1:

  • You will be completely responsible for your payroll duties, obligations and responsibilities in house. If you do require assistance or help, this will be invoiced accordingly.

Option 2:

  • You calculate your company’s payroll and email us the monthly figures for submission to SARS e-filing.
  • If you require extra assistance, this will be invoiced accordingly.
  • The fee for submission to SARS for e-filing only, will be R250.50 VAT Incl. per submission per month.
  • If you need us to do the EMB501 recons at the end of the financial year and additional fee of R1,200.00 VAT Incl. will be charged.
  • Your monthly magtape amount will be R287.50 per month, VAT Incl.

Option 3:

  • If you’d like Tax Monitor to take over all your payroll responsibilities, we would be responsible for the calculation, advice, submissions, EMP501 reconciliations, IRP5S and printed monthly pay slips (to be collected at our offices in either Kenilworth or Parklands.
  • This service will cost R103.50 per person per pay slip (monthly, fortnightly or weekly) plus R218.50 per month for the EMP501 and IRP5 recon on e@syfile.
  • For example if you have 6 employees, paid fortnightly your fee will be: R103.50x 6 x2 + R218.50 = R1,460.50 per month.
  • If you have 10 monthly employees, your fee will be: R103.50 x 10 = R1,035.00 + R218.50 = R1,253.50 per month.
  • If you accept Option 3 we will include the Workman’s Compensation registration and yearly returns as well as your UIF registrations and monthly submissions to the department of labour-UFiling, while you are paying your monthly magtape.
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